Cost: $50 per session up to 35 participants and $75 for custom programs

Chat with a Zoo Educator using Google Hangouts. Each video chat lasts 30 minutes with a 15-minute buffer to allow time for connection. Video chats consist of a discussion about the topic with the use of artifacts and about 10 minutes for questions and answers. A variety of program topics are available. If you do not see the topic you would like, custom programs may be accommodated if time allows at an additional cost.


  • Habitats – Habitats can come in all shapes and sizes. Learn about the four components that every habitat needs while briefly discussing how we can create habitats here at the zoo!
  • Adaptations – What is an adaptation? Learn about some special animal adaptations and how they use them to survive.
  • Zoo Careers – Find out what it takes to run a zoo. Discover all the different jobs and careers that are a part of creating a fun and educational place for families and a safe place for animals.
  • Indiana Wildlife – Investigate the wildlife of your own backyard and find out how you can help keep the animals and plants that live in Indiana safe and healthy.
  • Rain Forests – What makes a rain forest so special? Learn about this unique habitat and some of the incredible animals that call the rain forest home.
  • Penguins – Penguins are some of the coolest birds around! Learn about our cold, feathered friends and how they survive in such a harsh environment.

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